Quality + HSE Commitment

Quality is not a requirement... it is an obsession

We strive for the best. ECONTROL operates an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) + Health Safety and Environment (HSE) System certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, EurAsian Conformity EAC certified for EurAsian Customs Countries (Евразийское соответствие) and compliant to NORSOK standards for our North Sea / Norwegian Sea / Barents Sea operations.

Our QA/QC + HSE system is based on seven strong foundations:

1. We will solve problems by directly observing all of our operations and processes.

2. We will quickly complete the Plan, Do, Check & Act (PDCA) cycle in all situations.

3. We will thoroughly analyze any failures, and establish procedures based on that analysis, so that mistakes are never repeated.

4. We will proactively consider our customers’ satisfaction so they will genuinely prefer purchasing ECONTROL products and feel confident using them.

5. We will seize the opportunity presented by customer comments and complaints to inform our decisions when designing new products.

6. We will readily report even negative information.

7. We will foster a climate in which attention is paid to even the most commonplace events.

Think assurance, think ECONTROL

· Hydrostatic testing
· Fire type testing
· Low temperature
· Cryogenic type testing
· API 6A “PR2” testing
· Bend testing with fire
· Helium leak detection
· Magnetic particles examination
· Hyperbaric testing
· Gas testing
· Hardness inspection
· Valve and operator diagnostics

· Elevated temperature tests
· X-Ray inspection
· Positive materials identification (PMI)
· Abrasive flow tests
· Cyclic testing
· Bend testing without fire
· Torque testing
· Wall thickness inspection
· Dye penetrant inspection
· Vacuum testing
· Contamination examination
· Fugitive emissions tests

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