Valve actuators

The ECONTROL Actuators Division has become an icon in automation engineering, production and service. ECONTROL offers the widest range of pneumatic and hydraulic rack and pinion and scotch-yoke valve actuators that have been designed specifically to guarantee long cycle life in the most demanding applications and environmental conditions. In addition to quarter-turn designs (E series), most ranges are also available for linear valve applications (P series). Many actuators are built for critical high-speed failsafe or emergency shutdown (ESDV) duties in extreme environment.
The ECONTROL actuators family include:
• Pneumatic and hydraulic rack and pinion range
• Pneumatic and hydraulic scotch yoke range
• Pneumatic and hydraulic linear range
• Electro-hydraulic and gas-over-oil (pneumo-hydraulic)

In addition to the standard quarter-turn and linear pneumatic and hydraulic ranges, ECONTROL’s award-wining actuator range is a market leader when it comes to the most complex electro-hydraulic and gas-over-oil or direct gas actuators. Typically used in oil and gas applications in which external pneumatic or hydraulic power sources are unavailable, unreliable or uneconomic, these fully customizable and compact valve automation systems provide field team with many significant operational benefits when compared to purely electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems.


Rack and pinion
(E series, EPC range)
Compact, lightweight, low maintenance and built for continuous high performance in many applications
Scotch yoke
(E series, ESY range)
Reliable, precise and efficient for fail-safe, extreme environments and critical applications without compromising performance or safety. Canted or symmetric yoke configurations
(P series)
Suitable for automating most types of rising stem valves in safety shutdown and control applications
Rack and pinion
(E series, HEPC range)
Rugged and suited for high-force applications. Holding force and constant torque
Scotch yoke
(E series, HESY range)
Heavy duty, cost effective hydraulic actuators to remotely open and close valves
(HP series)
For gas transmission pipelines where there are no pneumatic or hydraulic supply lines available. Can convert linear motion to rotary motion
(HE series)
Combining a scotch yoke actuator with an electro hydraulic power unit suitable for several applications, such as on/off, total modulating service and partial stroke testing with an ultra-fast fail safe stroke
(HG series)
Controls high pressure natural gas pipelines in remote locations and under severe climatic conditions. Increased safety and reliability, the process gas acts upon hydraulic fluid stored in gas-over-oil tanks, creating hydraulic pressure that is subsequently used to power the hydraulic valve actuator
Single and double acting All categories are available in single or double action to fit project requirements
Integrated control systems Electrical configuration, air supply, communication signals, fail safe operation are controlled in a simple, low cost, single unit
Individually engineered Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) Electrically motor driven, pneumatic motor driven or both. Designed to meet specific customer requirements.
Output torque range From 200 Nm to 680.000 Nm
Supply pressure range Pneumatic: from 2 barg to 12 barg / Hydraulic: from 10 barg to 250 barg
Available working temperature Ultra low range (-65ºC ~ +80ºC), Low range (-40ºC ~ +60ºC), Standard (-20ºC ~ +80ºC), High range (-20ºC ~ +140ºC)
Fire proof Available on demand with blankets or custom cases
Other characteristics Compact size, rugged design for severe service and heavy duty, suitable for high frequency and high speed operation, easy and economical maintenance, no special tools required, handwheel available

Hydraulic actuator
Gas-over-oil heavy duty actuator

Pneumatic actuator
Scotch yoke pneumatic actuator ESY range

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
Electrically power driven

Pneumatic actuator
ESY actuator featuring control panel

Pneumatic actuator
Rack and pinion actuator EPC range

Hydraulic actuator
Linear actuator HP series

Pneumatic actuator
Linear actuator P series

Pneumatic actuator
Severe service PDE range

Pneumatic actuator
Double acting ESY with manual override